Joaquín Sabina asked for a cigar as soon as he woke up, according to his friend Benjamín Prado

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There are people who do not change even after a scare. A good example is the eternal Joaquín Sabina (71 years old). After having to be operated urgently at the Ruber International Clinic for an intracranial hematoma and a stroke caused by a severe blow to the head, ABC could know, after the fall he suffered on the stage of the Wizink Center in Madrid last Wednesday, the first thing the singer did was ask for a cigarette.

This has been told by his close friend, the writer Benjamín Prado, who has already been able to visit him in the hospital after the great fright he lived, in the “Better late” program of La Sexta. Still half asleep from the anesthesia of the operation, he only thought about smoking. “The first thing he has done after the operation has been to ask for a cigarette: ‘I want to smoke,'” Prado said.

The one in Úbeda has “a triple fracture in his shoulder and hematoma has been removed, but that’s fine, he feels much better,” he added. He has also said that the poet has been accompanied by his wife and daughters, who have not left him at any time after the great fright that has happened.

When he fell into the pit – a fall of about two meters – Sabina felt a severe pain in his shoulder but did not imagine that, hours later, he would have to be operated urgently for an intracranial hematoma. In fact, Sabina himself wanted to continue singing with Joan Manuel Serrat, according to his friend Prado: «Joaquín wanted to continue the concert. It was the doctors who told him that he was in a state of euphoria of who is facing 15,000 people acting. ‘You are not in a position to continue’ ».

He apologized to the audience for having to cancel the concert about 50 minutes after the start and Sabina left the stage in a wheelchair pushed by Joan Manuel Serrat. He was taken to the Ruber where he was examined and tested several times until they saw the intracranial hematoma and a small effusion. .


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