Joby launches MagSafe stand for its tripods

MagSafe magnets are strong enough to hold an iPhone 12 properly and in every way. Joby, creator of the famous funny tripods based on bouboules, is therefore launching a MagSafe compatible support. the GripTight Mount offers two support modes: one with magnets only, the second which combines magnetic magic with a handle to be totally reassured.

The maker, which caters to content creators, touts a handle that can rotate 360 ​​degrees, making it easy to switch between horizontal recording as god wanted to a vertical recording preferred format of Uruk-hai. But then again, if you don’t have time, just place the iPhone on the MagSafe pebble and the smartphone should stand by itself without worry.

The stand is compatible with all Joby tripods. The accessory is priced at € 39.95, which even with VAT is shockingly more expensive than in the United States ($ 23.97 excl.


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