Joe Arroyo’s son has married the same woman 3 times

Every ‘black boy’ has a ‘little monkey’ who drives him crazy and she was the one who made me crazy … We were getting married, separating, getting married, separating”, said the artist laughing to the gossip program.

Joe’s son told ‘La Red’ that after 4 passionate months of dating Mary, on September 25, 2015 they decided to get married after a conversation in a restaurant.

“We got married in a notary’s office, that’s how eager,” Arroyo pointed out, and all that was left of the eagerness was fatigue, because in less than a year they were already divorced due to coexistence problems that they had.

The singer assures that the separation was because of him and that after a few weeks it hit him very hard and he even “flared”For the lack of love. It was for this that at the end of 2016 he set out to win back Mary, as narrated in the same magazine.

“I wrote: ‘Are you happy?’ There we started again and I asked her forgiveness because it was really my fault, because of my temperament, she decided to give me another chance ”, added Dinkol Arroyo.

In May 2017 they decided to remarrye, again by civil law and without any guest. After signing and being married again, they informed their relatives through a video that they later sent on WhatsApp.

Although on that occasion surpassed the year as spouses, in June 2019 they separated again because Arroyo spent it from party to party with his friends, something that months later he regretted, according to ‘Network’.

By March 2020, before the coronavirus pandemic in Colombia fully exploded, Dinkol reappeared in Mary’s life and wrote again: “Are you happy?”. Although the woman left him in seen for 3 days, then they spoke and agreed to try again in quarantine.

Love bloomed again amidst isolation and On July 16, at the height of the pandemic, they were married for the third time. The only notary that was in operation at the time was that of the El Dorado airport.

“We were sorry because behind our record it said, married on that date, separated, married, separated… but it taught me what love really is, that’s why I love her ”, concluded Joe’s son in the Caracol program, who hopes that this marriage will be until death separates them.

Then, Dinkol Arroyo tells his love story on ‘La Red’:


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