Joe Biden announces new contours of his “historic” social spending plan

This new version should allow this vast investment program to pass the stage of the American Congress, according to the White House and the Democratic camp.

President Joe Biden will announce the new outlines of his plan on Thursday “historical“Of social and environmental spending, and it is”confidentIn the fact that all fringes of the Democratic Party will support it, putting an end to weeks of tension, according to White House officials.

While the amount of this plan has been cut in half to $ 1,750 billion, “the president believes the (new) framework will allow him to gain the support of the 50 Democratic senators and will have the backing of the House of RepresentativesOne of the officials said on condition of anonymity. Another official said the two bills Biden wanted, the first on infrastructure, the second on social and environmental measures, represent “historical investmentsAlthough their amount has been considerably reduced compared to the initial ambitions.

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The American President “believe there is no better economic engine in the world than the hard work and ingenuity of the American people. But for too long the economy has worked very well for those at the top, while working families endlessly get crushed», we read in a document published this Thursday by the White House on its website. The plan details the main axes, including the principle according to which “no one earning less than $ 400,000 (per year) will pay a dime more in taxes».


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