Joe Biden begins the process to declare Colombia a military ally outside NATO

The American President, Joe Bidenbegan this Thursday the process to declare Colombia as a strategic military ally of the United States outside the OTANwhich will make it possible to deepen defense cooperation with the Latin American country, the third on the continent to achieve this special status.

Biden had already advanced that he planned to grant that advantage to Colombia during the visit to the White House in March by his Colombian counterpart, Iván Duque, and today he notified the US Congress of his intention to do so.

“I notify you of my intention to appoint Colombia as a strategic military ally outside of NATO,” said the president in his letter to Congress.

“I will make this designation in recognition of the importance of the relationship between the United States and Colombia and of Colombia’s crucial contributions to regional and international security,” added Biden in the short message.

The third military ally in Latin America

Under US law, the president of EE.UU. must notify Congress at least 30 days before designating a country as a strategic military ally outside the OTAN.

Therefore, technically, Biden will be free to grant that special status to Colombia as of May 21.

Colombia will thus become the third Latin American country, after Brazil and Argentina, and the nineteenth in the world to obtain the rank of strategic military ally of EE.UU. out of the OTAN.

That denomination opens the door to the delivery of surplus defense articles and the organization of joint maneuvers with the United States. (EFE)

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