Joe Biden excludes the Cuban regime from a Summit for Democracy with more than 100 countries

Joe Biden left the Government of Cuba outside the World Summit for the Democracy to be held virtually with the assistance of more than 100 countries, and of which also excluded Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti and Bolivia in Latin America, and Russia and China, among others.

From Latin America, the president U.S invited Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

According to the State Department, the summit will be on December 9 and 10 and will function as “a platform for leaders to announce individual and collective commitments, reforms and initiatives to defend democracy and human rights at home and abroad”, AP quoted.

According to a State Department source who spoke to the Argentine newspaper Clarion, “The purpose of the guest list was to ensure that the Summit reflects a diverse list of democracies. We are encompassing a wide spectrum of viewpoints, with a clear recognition that no democracy is perfect. We want to commit ourselves, foster positive change, and learn from shared experience. “

Globally, the US government even left out Russia and China, but invited Taiwan, sparking outrage from Beijing.

According to the AFP report, the Chinese government expressed its “firm opposition” to this invitation to the island, which it considers to be one of its provinces, even though it has no control over its political regime.

“With this summit, Taiwan can share its democratic success story,” Taiwanese Presidency spokesman Xavier Chang said in a statement.

But China showed its “firm opposition to this US invitation to the Taiwanese authorities.”, according to statements to the press by the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zhao Lijian, who stressed that Taiwan is “an inalienable part of Chinese territory.”

On your side, Russia also criticized the US initiative, accusing it of sowing division.

“The United States prefers to create new lines of division, dividing countries into good, in its opinion, and bad, in its opinion,” declared Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov.

Among those invited to the virtual Summit are allies of Washington, such as India and Pakistan, although Turkey, an ally of Washington in NATO, also does not appear among the participants.

Middle East, where absolute monarchies and other undemocratic regimes abound, only Israel and Iraq were invited to this meeting, while traditional Arab allies of the United States, such as Egypt, are not cited.

“We will continue to collaborate with Summit participants and other governments around the world to address democratic backsliding, promote respect for human rights, and defend ourselves against corruption both at home and abroad, whether that work takes place. inside or outside the framework of the Summit, “added the State Department source who spoke with Clarion.

The non-invitation to the regimes of Nicolás Maduro, Miguel Díaz Canel and Daniel Ortega is not surprising, since Washington has described these regimes as dictatorships, denounced human rights violations and imposed economic sanctions of various kinds.

“The exclusion of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba is simply an affirmation of what we all know to be true: these countries are undemocratic, authoritarian and repressive towards their own populations. To include them in a summit of democracies would be a mockery of democratic principles, “he told Clarion Cynthia Arnson, director of the Wilson Center’s Latin America Program.


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