Joe Biden fills top White House communications posts with women

According to Iranian President Hassan Ruhani, resolving the differences with the US after the election of US President-elect Joe Biden could be “easy”. “We can go back to the time before the tensions, and if the new US administration were to show the right political mentality, a solution (of the differences) would also be easy,” said Hassan Ruhani on state television on Wednesday.

But this step is mutual, said Ruhani. Iran could return to its obligations under the Vienna nuclear deal, ease tensions with the US and even act with respect for Washington – if Biden’s government did the same, the president said. The condition is still a return to the nuclear deal of 2015 and the lifting of the sanctions imposed by the incumbent US President Donald Trump.

In the opinion of observers, however, this will not be as easy as Ruhani assumed. The problem is that the moderate Ruhani and the reformers could be voted out on June 18. Then a new president will be elected in Iran. Since the hardliners and archconservatives were able to clearly win the parliamentary election in February 2020, they are also expected to have good chances for the presidency. According to the observers, the question now is whether Biden will negotiate with Ruhani as soon as he takes office on January 20 or whether he will wait for the time after the election in Iran.


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