“Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped below 50%”

What you call the “other powers” ​​are the Europeans. Whether they are in the EU or outside, I am thinking here of the British. Under Donald Trump, a follower of brutal words and unfriendly gestures against the allies, an unprecedented reflection was engaged in Europe on “strategic autonomy”, a portmanteau expression where everyone puts what they want. Emmanuel Macron had, rightly on the merits, jostled the Europeans on this point, so that they stop outsourcing security issues in their own neighborhood to the great American partner. These first months of the Biden presidency show that, behind the initial heat of the transatlantic reunion, the terms of the debate are posed with the same acuteness. Americans have other priorities: first domestic (the fight against Covid-19, the infrastructure plan, competitiveness), then internationally, an unprecedented focus on competition with China, in all domains. Europeans must therefore learn the lessons of this Afghan shock, stop waiting for all responses from Washington and further develop their own capacities for reflection, planning and intervention. While knowing that American military power will remain irreplaceable.

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