Sport Joe Cole recommends Chelsea and Manchester United sign Raúl...

Joe Cole recommends Chelsea and Manchester United sign Raúl Jiménez


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Mexico City / 01/24/2020 11:47:02

The former player and Chelsea figure, Joe Cole says that Raul Jimenez it must be “the first name” in the transfer wish lists of the Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham. The Mexican, who scored a goal yesterday against Liverpool, has scored 37 goals in 81 appearances, which makes it an important piece in the market, as several great are on the hunt for a scorer.

“Wolves fans won’t thank me for saying it, but If I am Chelsea, Tottenham or Manchester United and you have the checkbook ready, he (Raúl Jiménez) is the first name. If you want someone to have an immediate impact on your team, you want someone to dial, know the league, the flow of English football, “the English international told BT Sports.

Cole acknowledged that the Mexican is a fundamental part of the Wolverhampton project, but he does not doubt that if some great like Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham tempt him, something could happen.

“It’s very good to be part of a project, but when Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham come for you, it can drive you crazy. For me, he could easily play on any of those teams because he has a lot of skill. He is one of my favorite players “, he claimed.

Just yesterday, Jiménez cut a streak to Liverpool of 787 minutes without receiving a goal; the previous one had been received at the Club World Cup and the Mexican achieved it with a great goal.



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