Jogi Löw perplexed after humiliation against Spain: “Nothing worked”

The German national team has to accept a historic defeat in Seville. National coach Löw tries to explain after the game – and has a hard time.

Joachim Löw reacted in consternation to the defeat immediately after the historic 6-0 debacle against Spain. “It’s difficult to explain. That was a pitch-black day. Nothing worked. Body language, duel behavior. Nothing worked, neither the defensive nor the offensive. After the 1-0 win, we gave up our whole concept. We did that Leave the concept and walked around somewhere. No organization, no communication. That was fatal, “said the national coach on Tuesday evening in Seville.

The game will have to be analyzed in the coming weeks. “It is our job and duty to question all of this. What can we do better? We were permeable. We have to draw the right conclusions. Today everything was bad,” said Loew on ARD.

A return of the 2019 sorted out Mats Hummels, Jerome Boateng and Thomas Müller was not an issue for Löw after the game. “We said we wanted to trust the players. We were on the right track. But we are not as far as we thought, we had hoped. We trust these players and we have to fight back. Now there is a longer break . We have been thrown back. That is a big disappointment. We have to take it with us first, “said Loew.

Due to the clear defeat, the DFB-Elf missed the possible participation in the final tournament of Nations League in October 2021. The next international matches will take place in March of next year. Then the World Cup qualification starts with three games.


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