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Johana Bahamón has been characterized by her activism around the rights of people deprived of liberty.

She was, along with a little girl and a recluse, part of one of the most emotional stories on social media in recent days.

And it is that Bahamón, for more than a year, took care of a little girl who was born in a prison in the country. She took her in while the biological mother was serving her sentence.

And on November 12, the emotional reunion took place.

Bahamón shared the story in his social networks.

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The actress published, in the early hours of the morning of last Thursday, the first image of her and Evelyn, the girl, waiting in front of a penitentiary center.

Waiting for Clari”He wrote along with the images.

Network users applauded the gesture and wished Johana success with the Fundación Acción Interna, which seeks to give second chances to people who are serving prison sentences.

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After this first image, Bahamón published another in which She and Evelyn are already meeting with ‘Clari’ on the outskirts of the site. In one of the images it is seen that, while Johana talks with one of the guards of the site, ‘Clari’ hugs a girl.

Evelyn, meanwhile, remains in the activist’s arms.

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It is worth highlighting that Evelyn was born in prison, because ‘Clari’ was paying her sentence when she was pregnant. Bahamón agreed to take care of the little girl while the time behind bars ended.

Meanwhile, eagerly, the yearned for November 12 was awaited.

Johana published other images, perhaps the first postcards of ‘Clari’ on her return to freedom. In one of the photos, four o’clock (Johana, the two girls and ‘Clari’) are seen eating ice cream. According to information from Instagram, the women were in Santa Rosa de Viterbo.

There ‘Clari’ served her time in prison.

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Johana Bahamón cared for Evelyn for over a year. The same social networks are witnesses of that time: the activist uploaded various publications in which she appears with the little girl doing all kinds of activities.

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In fact, on November 1, the 2 years of the little girl’s life. Johana uploaded a photo of the moment.

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Now Evelyn can be with ‘Clari’.



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