John Kelvin: Pamela Pardo expresses her disagreement with all kinds of violence against Dalia Durán Farándula nndc | SHOWS

After the singer was denounced by his own wife for physical and sexual violence, different personalities from the entertainment industry have spoken about it to reject all kinds of aggression towards women and the singer Pamela Pardo was no exception.

Recently, the national artist rejected all kinds of violence. She commented that she had the opportunity to work with John Kelvin, a cumbia singer who is currently incarcerated in the Lurigancho Penitentiary Establishment.

I worked with him (with John Kelvin) a few years ago, in the ‘Calle 2 ′ orchestra, then each one went his own way because he had his own projects. It is a delicate subject, I and my colleagues lived their moment (Dalia and John) as a couple, but we never wanted to get involved. We have seen things that will remain in each one of us, out of respect for Dalia and her children ”, commented.

“Now I must say that, as a member of the same group, we never had problems, we always respect each other in every sense of the word … Nothing justifies violence, and now you must take responsibility for your actions. I will always criticize violent acts. And I sympathize with Dalia and her children”, He stressed.

Pamela Pardo in concert

After almost a year and a half, the singer Pamela will return to the stage to delight her audience with her best hits this Thursday, July 29 at 10 at night. The musical event can be seen via streaming on Rústica’s social networks.

She was very happy to perform this virtual show for the first time in a pandemic: “We are going to celebrate the 28 years of the Rústica chain and the National Holidays. We will make a fairly varied repertoire. That day we are going to present the songs in tributes to the great exponents of cumbia. It is going to be an unmissable show “.


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