Johnny Depp finally ends the 14-year-old painting

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Johnny Depp shows his artistic skills after completing a large painting of a wine bottle for 14 years.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star went to his new Instagram account this weekend to share his finished artwork. He revealed that he was using the forced downtime in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic to pick up on past hobbies that he had long given up on.

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“It is strange what we once did for months and months so purely and intensely focused and devoted. Then suddenly the wind turns and we go a new way,” Depp began in the long caption.

“And far too long, these earlier interests or passions unfortunately fall by the wayside and step back into the wide niches of the crawl space of a horter in the brain, which is covered in heaps of other things for which my skull until recently had no place … “”

The actor went on to say that he came across the incomplete canvas in isolation and was again inspired to pick up his brush.

He continued: “I found this painting that I started with in 2006 … I had never touched the painting for 14 years – at best, the occasional glance. Still, somehow, I always remembered this unfinished business.

“Even if we are forced to live in the immediate vicinity, some strange kinds of interrupted passion that have been invested in an object that we once focused on are waiting for us to return from a distance. I will tell you about the progress keep up to date! All Love, JD “.


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