Johnson and Johnson layoffs: the right to consultation must be respected!

Unia is concerned about the plan announced by Johnson & Johnson to cut 320 jobs in its companies in the canton of Neuchâtel. No consultation procedure worthy of the name has been put in place by the group. The union therefore brings together workers tomorrow for an extraordinary staff meeting.

On January 28, the Johnson & Johnson group announced the elimination of 320 jobs in several of its companies in the canton of Neuchâtel.

For Unia, these layoffs in a sector little affected by the Covid-19 crisis and with good future prospects is totally shocking. A relocation to Mexico and Puerto Rico seems incomprehensible. In addition, the method put in place for a consultation which does not comply with the legal requirements is completely unacceptable.

The consultation procedure must be respected

It is absolutely necessary that the procedure provided for by law be re-established, that workers in the companies concerned have access to all the information necessary to make proposals for alternatives to dismissals, and that they can organize themselves for the consultation in a way. correct.

Unia therefore requires an extension of the consultation period, currently scheduled for February 11, with the provision of all the necessary information.

No social plan

Management did not respond to Unia’s contact requests. This silence gives a very negative signal on the way in which it plans to respect employee rights and Swiss law.

According to our information, no social plan has been proposed to employees by management to mitigate the consequences of these closure and relocation proposals.

Staff meeting

Contacted by the employees, Unia organized a staff assembly on Friday February 5th. The union calls for a constructive dialogue with the management of Johnson & Johnson in the interest of all parties and the preservation of the rights and dignity of employees.

The union also asks the Neuchâtel authorities to ensure that these rights are respected. The stakes are high, given the number of jobs directly affected, but also the consequences of a massive reduction in the group’s activity in the region.


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