Johnson invokes ‘Peppa Pig’ in embarrassing speech to business leaders

Boris Johnson’s state of mind worries. Before the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), the great employers of the country gathered on Monday in an annual session to listen to the prime minister, Johnson lost the thread of his speech for 20 seconds, began to improvise and rave. Had to stop to rearrange his notes amid a tense silence from the audience he repeatedly apologized to. He then went on to praise ‘Peppa Pig’s World’, a family theme park in Hampshire whose visit he recommended to the business leaders present. “Raise your hand who has been in the world of Peppa Pig,” he asked the room where his grace did not have an echo. And if that was not enough, Johnson compared himself to Moses and at one point, to praise cars, Tesla imitated the noise of a vehicle stepping on the accelerator.

The prime minister’s performance was so disconcerting, even by his own standards, that at the end of the conference a journalist from the ITV television network asked him if he felt alright. “He lost his grades, he lost his place, he went off on a tangent with Peppa Pig. Frankly, is everything OK? ”The reporter told him. Johnson responded unperturbed that his speech “went very well.” Those who had listened to him certainly did not think so.

Other challenges

“It has been chaotic. It is an example of how little British business is taken seriously. Nobody was laughing because the joke is no longer funny, “said Labor Party Finance Chief Rachel Reeves. An entrepreneur from the North East of England, Richard Swart, an executive of the Berger Group company condemned the “catastrophic” speech and well below the level of a prime minister ”. Swart urged the Conservatives in these times of “Covid, Brexit, lack of manpower and other challenges we face” to “focus on what is best for the country and choose a more responsible leader.”

BBC policy chief Laura Kuenssberg echoed growing unease in the Conservative Party and Johnson’s team for his absolute loss of direction and control. Kuenssberg cited “a senior source” in the Downing Street dispatches. “There is a huge concern inside that building about the prime minister… It just doesn’t work. The Cabinet needs to wake up and ask for drastic changes, otherwise things will get worse. If they don’t insist, he just won’t do anything. ”


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