Johnson & Johnson asks the FDA to authorize its vaccine against covid – US and Canada – International

The American laboratory Johnson & Johnson asked the United States on Thursday to urgently authorize your single dose vaccine against covid-19While in Latin America the race continues in search of agreements to obtain doses and immunize the battered population.

If you get a green light from the U.S. Drug Administration (FDA), Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine would be the third licensed in that country, after Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna.

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This vaccine is highly anticipated because it has two important advantages: it can be store at refrigerator temperature rather than freezer, and requires a single dose.

Johnson & Johnson has committed to delivering 100 million doses to the United States by the end of June. According to the first results of the clinical trials you shared, your vaccine is 66% and 85% overall effective to prevent serious forms of the disease.

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However, the data showed that the tests were more effective in the United States (72%) than in South Africa (57%), where a different strain of the virus is predominant.

Experts see in it a possible sign that future variants could end up being completely immune to current vaccines. Another reason, according to them, to accelerate immunization campaigns.

Indonesia uses “electronic noses” to detect the coronavirus by breath.

Curfews and travel restrictions

According to the count made by AFP from official sources, the pandemic has caused at least 2.27 million deaths and more than 104 million cases of contamination.

Latin America and the Caribbean is the second most affected region, behind Europe, with 606,273 deaths and 19.2 million infections.

The Cuban authorities announced this Thursday that a new curfew will rule in Havana from Friday night (between 9:00 pm and 5:00 am), similar to the one that was in force throughout the month of September.

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With 1.2 million inhabitants, Cuba is experiencing a rebound in cases, although it is still an advantageous country and its numbers are significantly lower than in the rest of the region, with a total of 29,529 infections and 220 deaths.

“We have taken several measures so that people do not leave their house” and we have “messengers who are dedicated to running errands, milk, basic food“, explained Yamilet Gutiérrez, in charge, together with a military man, of blocking a side street in the Los Sitio neighborhood, under strict quarantine.

While, Sweden and Denmark announced Thursday that they will develop “vaccination passports” electronic devices to facilitate trips abroad, but also to access sporting or cultural events, and even restaurants in the Danish case.

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“With a digital certificate, it will be quickly and easily demonstrated that a complete vaccine has been administered,” said Swedish Minister for Digital Development Anders Ygeman.

Sweden intends to release its passport in June, and Denmark “within three to four months,” according to its government.


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