Johnson speeds up vaccination program

The British government wants to have a first corona vaccination administered to all adults who want it by the end of July. The previous target was September, but Prime Minister Johnson says he wants to speed up the vaccination program.

“This will help us protect the most vulnerable people more quickly and accelerate the relaxation of measures,” Johnson said in a statement. The way out of the lockdown must be done carefully, he says.

On Monday, Johnson will announce details about easing, but it is already known that the schools are likely to reopen in the short term. Residents of nursing homes may also receive visitors again.

17 million Britons

At the start of the pandemic, Johnson was still criticized for waiting a relatively long time with measures. That would have resulted in an unnecessarily large number of victims. However, the British are much faster than other countries with the vaccination.

So far, more than 17 million Britons have received a first vaccination, almost one in three adult residents. According to Reuters news agency, the United Kingdom is in third place worldwide, behind Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

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