Joint: state workers will have a 25% increase and a $ 4,000 bonus – Télam

With the agreement, the 2020 joint venture concluded.

The workers of the national public administration will receive a 25 percent increase in their salaries, in three installments that will be paid between February and May, according to the joint agreement reached this Wednesday between the Government, the Union Personal Civil de la Nación (UPCN ) and the Association of State Workers (ATE), a union that, after 14 years, once again signed its agreement in a wage negotiation.

Official sources reported that the Government and the unions agreed an increase of 18% to close the joint public employment collective bargaining agreement, which adds to the 7 percent arranged last October and, thus, reaches 25%.

They also indicated that the increase “will be effective in three installments (4% in February, 6% in March and 8% in May), to which will be added a bonus of 4 thousand pesos by the end of the year for salaries of up to 60 thousand gross pesos.

“This year, through a huge fiscal effort, jobs were guaranteed, the full collection of wages and working conditions that preserve the health of workers in the context of the health emergency,” reflected Ana Castellani, secretary of Management and Public Employment of the Nation.

According to the UPCN press secretary Lucas Denna, the agreement reached “a 25 percent salary increase from October to May 2021 and the payment of a bonus of 4,000 pesos with December salaries, which benefits a universe of 130,000 public workers “.

“By 2021 we are offering increases above expected inflation, starting a path of salary recovery”

Ana Castellani

“For 2021 we are offering increases above the expected inflation, starting a path of salary recovery; next year will be the recovery year and the proposal of 18% for the first four months goes in that direction”, declared Castellani and remarked that the agreement constitutes “a clear signal, along with the public employment regularization plan, of the need to raise the quality of the National Public Administration “.

Castellani participated in the joint meeting, the second of the year; the Undersecretary of Public Employment, Mariano Boiero; and the union representatives of UPCN, Felipe Carrillo, Diego Gutiérrez, Marta Farías and Mariano Unamuno and of ATE, Hugo Godoy, Mercedes Cabezas, Flavio Vergara and Rodolfo Aguiar.

The salary agreement signed in the dependencies of the labor portfolio has a historical component: It is the first joint venture signed by UPCN and ATE after 14 years, given that since 2007 ATE signed every year in disagreement what was agreed by the other union.

The increases include 130 thousand public workers of all categoriesMeanwhile, as of May 2021, the new state parity will begin, which will be in force until May 2022.

The agreement also has as a precedent the labor standardization of some 29 thousand state workers hired for more than five years and who will now be able to compete to integrate the permanent plant.


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