Joju George | Complaint filed by Congress activists; The decision to file a case against Jojo George was made today

Kochi, First Published Nov 2, 2021, 7:13 AM IST

Kochi: The Kochi City Police will decide today whether to register a case against actor Joju George on a complaint filed by women Congress workers. JoJo George and other Congress workers clashed during a road blockade organized by the Congress in Kochi against the fuel price hike.

The women activists had lodged a complaint alleging that Jojo had abused them. The Maratha police said they would look into the video footage of the incident and decide whether to register a case. Police had yesterday registered a case against the Congress activists in connection with a complaint lodged by Jojo alleging that his vehicle was attacked. According to the FIR, Joju was assaulted by former mayor Tony Chammini and his vehicle was damaged to the tune of Rs 6 lakh.

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The Mahila Congress alleged that Jojo was drunk. But Jojo George, who went with the police, underwent a medical examination. Then it turned out that Jojo was not drunk. With this, the allegation of the Congress workers that Jojo was drunk and behaved in an indecent manner proved to be false. Earlier in the day, police said Jojo had not been found drunk

The strike by the Congress against the fuel price hike yesterday morning has finally ended in a dramatic turn. Actor Jojo George came down shortly after the car got stuck in a traffic block. Protested against the roadblock. Jojo said that there was a child who was going to undergo chemotherapy in the vehicle near his car and that a pregnant woman was going for a scan in the car next door. Eventually there was a confrontation between Jojo and the Congressmen.

The people here turned into two slums and started arguing with each other. Following the altercation, police eventually allowed the vehicle to pass, but Jojo’s vehicle was stopped by protesters. After a long argument, the protesters smashed Jojo’s car. After working for a long time, the SI sat directly on the seat and let Jojo’s vehicle pass. By then, the rear window of the vehicle was completely shattered.

Following this, Mahila Congress activists came forward with allegations against Joju. The women Congress leaders told the media that Jojo was drunk and called her Eti Podi. Jojo then went directly to the hospital with the police for a medical examination. Jojo underwent a medical checkup. It was clear that Jojo was not drunk.

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When Jojo came out, he used strong language to criticize the Congress workers. He never insulted a woman. ” I have a mole, I have a mother, I have a sister. I look at them all like gold, ”said Jojo. His protest was not against the Congress. Protest has no politics. His protest was against some of the leaders who had gathered there. In return, they called Teri in audible language. Teri called to her father and mother who were at home. Jojo also said that he had lodged a complaint against the protesting Congress workers.

Meanwhile, on the complaint of the Mahila Congress workers, Jojo was taken to the station and released. Meanwhile, the Youth Congress marched to Jojo’s house in Mala. JoJo was asked to apologize in March. The protesters said that Joju had done a dog show and that Joju would not be kicked in the neck. The march was stopped by police. Police have cordoned off Joju’s house in Mala Valiya Parambil.

Meanwhile, many film personalities came out in support of Jojo’s protest. Directors B Unnikrishnan and Madhupal expressed their support for Jojo.

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However, KPCC president K Sudhakaran slammed Joju. Jojo came up the stairs like a floor goon. Mahila said obscene things, including to Congress workers. K Sudhakaran said that this was not correct and that the Congress would file a complaint. Opposition leader VD Satheesan, however, said that he was against roadblocks in the past. Hibi Eden MP also responded that he understands Jojo’s feelings.

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