Joko & Klaas against ProSieben: Joko and Klaas against “ass violins”

Updated June 3, 2020, 9:44 a.m.

What was happening there? In the latest edition of “Joko and Klaas against ProSieben” on Tuesday evening, Klaas Heufer-Umlauf not only had to fight against prominent opponents, but also against his bad mood. With a defeat, Joko and Klaas now say goodbye to the summer break.

A criticism

from Christian Vock,
Freelance author

“My brain is really frozen.” The viewer usually thinks such a sentence only on TV shows such as “The Summer House of Stars” or “Celebrities under Palm Trees.” This time this sentence comes from Joko Winterscheidt and is not only meant metaphorically. In his own show “Joko and Klaas against ProSieben” on Tuesday evening, the moderator shocked himself with a thoughtless moment of joy.

In an indoor ski hall, the moderator had to shoot down the slope on all sorts of things, such as a surfboard, sled or air mattress, and thus make it through a pool of water to a buzzer. When he finally did it after several attempts, Winterscheidt dives into the water basin for joy – and briefly forgets that the water is only three degrees “warm”. The result is a cancer-red head and a proper crackling of the brain: “I can’t say how much it hurt right now.”

“Joko & Klaas against ProSieben”: Klaas misses the shooting date

In the end, Winterscheidt still managed to reach the buzzer a second time, scoring one of four points for the “Joko and Klaas” team. And Klaas? He had simply messed up the shooting date for the skiing task and had been wrong during the day. Therefore Joko Winterscheidt had to immerse his brain into ice water all by himself.

One can only speculate, of course, but maybe Winterscheidt was really happy that Heufer-Umlauf missed the shoot because his partner appeared conspicuously grumpy that evening in the studio. The first person to feel Heufer-Umlauf’s displeasure was his colleague Jakob Lundt.

As in the previous issue, Lundt was supposed to simulate the emotions of the missing audience with a soundboard. When he presses the button with “Du Idiot” after a failed attempt in a game, Heufer-Umlauf no longer understands any fun: “I’ll punch a puzzle in your glasses, I swear to you!”

Now such actions are usually calculated by Heufer-Umlauf to give the whole show a bit of spice, but that evening it felt like Heufer-Umaluf had gotten up a bit with the wrong leg. Winterscheidt in particular felt this again and again, but always tried to defuse the tips of his partner. Only once does his collar burst.

In a game, the two have to memorize the position of colored rectangles on the floor and then mark them with a ball. After the rectangles are hidden, however, there are disagreements about the position of the yellow rectangle.

Joko Winterscheidt: “Why do I always let myself be pestered by you?”

No problem for Heufer-Umlauf, because he confidently leaves no doubt that he is right. But he didn’t have what made Winterscheidt lose his composure for a brief moment: “Why do I always let myself be pestered by you. How many games we have lost because you are absolutely convinced that you are right!”

They win the game anyway and the evening is quite passable until the final. Joko and Klaas only suffer a defeat in the games against prominent opponents.

Image of Timo Hildebrand, René Adler

The former Bundesliga keeper René Adler (l.) And Timo Hildebrand (r.) At the game “Gross light throw”.

© ProSieben / Jens Hartmann

Former soccer goalkeepers René Adler and Timo Hildebrand can throw big, light things such as a moving box further in the game “Great Light Throw” and TV chef Frank Rosin rubs a given weight of unusual things like soap or a silicone foot down to the nearest gram.

Picture of Joko Winderscheidt, Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, Frank Rosin, Steven Gätjen

In a game against TV chef Frank Rosin (from left to right), Joko and Klaas have to grind unusual objects to the nearest gram. Moderator Steven Gätjen (right) looks on.

© ProSieben / Jens Hartmann

Before the final, Joko and Klaas could have been good things with four out of six possible points, but when Klaas hears the game, the bad mood comes through again. In the event of a defeat, the two have to disguise themselves as ProSieben mascots and praise the station in TV trailers and humiliate themselves.

Joko and Klaas against the “ass violins from the transmitter”

That is too much for Heufer-Umlauf: “I definitely don’t want to go into this old Siff part and I don’t want the ass violins from the station to show it for a week.”

Heufer-Umlauf only means metaphorically about the “ass violins”, as he immediately explains: “I mean the boss and people who give me money. It’s a secret word, ass violins.” Metaphor or not – Heufer-Umlauf absolutely wants to avoid a defeat and it is all the more annoying for him that he can’t do exactly that: Four of seven final games should have won the two, only two make it.

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The two have to produce the first trailer right after the show, from Wednesday you can see them in ProSieben costumes every day. After all, Heufer-Umlauf has a little time to catch his breath afterwards. The show on Tuesday was the last of the season, and in autumn it will continue with a new season.

Here you can see the 15 minutes broadcast time LIVE, which Joko and Klaas won in “Joko & Klaas against ProSieben”, online. Men’s worlds. An action against sexual harassment. © ProSiebenSat.1


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