Jolie, who was setting up the electronic book, stopped; Nattu car with protest: Nattu Visesham

Kari Mannur: Cold War between Public Health and Electricity Departments The tree was stoned. Permanent solution to power outage in panchayat limits Jolly Public Works Officer Installing Ground Cable (UG Cable) He entered the country in protest of the incident.

Today, the incident took place in a small area of ​​about 5,000 sub-divisions in the panchayat area. Attempts to implement a plan that benefits clients It’s not. Pariyaram substation is an alternative to the existing 11 KV line. 6 km from Karimannur Electricity Subdivision Office to Plans are afoot to lay the cable at a distance.

About 70 per cent of the jobs from Pariyar to Kurunpu are completed. The fire was burning. KSE BOF from one quarter of a kilometer on Kotta Road The 750 meters to the finish line is yet to be completed. The public health authorities came to the scene with the same controversy.

The work has been going on for the last three days since then. Following this, I am trying to take away the machinery and cable this morning. The native car arrived in protest today.

Cable can be taken away without completing construction work Representatives of the people, including those who have taken a firm stand on the issue People got into trouble. Public Health Officer at the end of the discussion with the authorities Permission was granted to resume construction work.

KMA, a company based in Muvattupuzha, has signed a contract worth Rs 35 lakh. And FIG. Rs 14 lakh for installation of cable on public roads Two lakh rupees were tied up in the boat. Authorities say Jolie then started working.

However, during the monsoon season, the roads became muddy due to the installation of cables. It’s a job that should be done in the summer as well. Has been raised. Panchayat Vice President Sanson Akkakat, Former President Jolly Augusty N, Congress Constituency President Baby Thomas, CPM Kari Mannur Area Secretary RN Sadanand and others were present on the occasion. Powered by Blogger.


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