Jonas Kaufmann: Thanks to Corona, his voice sounds younger

Jonas Kaufmann
Thanks to Corona, his voice sounds younger

Born in Munich, Jonas Kaufmann only became famous when he was over 30.

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The corona pandemic forced star tenor Jonas Kaufmann to abstain from the stage. Apparently, however, the break has a positive side effect.

Jonas Kaufmann (51, “Parla più piano”) normally appears in the most renowned opera and concert halls in the world. However, the corona pandemic ordered the Munich star tenor to take a break. In an interview with “Welt am Sonntag” he talks about the worries and thoughts he has during the ongoing crisis and the positive side effects that the vocal break brought with it.

His voice sounds “rested and fresher again due to Corona,” reports Kaufmann in an interview with the Sunday newspaper. He even describes the compulsory break as a “rejuvenation cure”: “My voice has become brighter, more radiant.”

However, the crisis also brings worries for the 51-year-old. At the beginning of the pandemic in March, “the shock” was great, “suddenly being unemployed overnight and having to sit at home without doing anything”. The opera star had thought about his financial future, the situation even “scared” him, he admits: “Time is ticking, the cash register is emptying. I wonder how long we artists have to hold out.”

“It can be nice not to do anything”

The new situation also gave the singer the opportunity to put a lot of things “to the test”. This applies above all to the weighting of private life and career. “It can be nice not to do anything,” explains Kaufmann. “The existential fear comes soon enough.” He is currently “seriously considering whether I actually want to do that again: to fill my calendar so full”.

However, the 51-year-old does not (yet) want to know about the end of his career. “The day is sure to come at some point,” he emphasizes. However, this day is “not today and not tomorrow”, and Kaufmann is simply “still too happy to be there”.


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