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The arrival of Jonatan Álvez to Atlético Nacional has been the focus of interest and concern on the part of the fans. Although, the Uruguayan reaches his second experience in Colombia as current champion of the Ecuadorian championship with Barcelona, ​​his passage in 2018 with Junior is not forgotten and for now, many do not classify him as a reinforcement.

“Junior was a passing time, now I am in the best team in the country and I want to do things very well, working very hard and giving the best to the institution,” Álvez declared at a press conference.

However, the player is motivated by his arrival at the purslane team. “They received me very well, I hope to get physically ready and take advantage of the opportunity when the coach gives it to me. The proposal came out while on vacation, when they contacted me, I accepted it without problems. It is a very great team in Colombia.”

Álvez spoke about his disciplinary situation, minimized it and hopes to speak with goals on the field of play. “I am not interested in what they talk about me in the disciplinary field. In all the institutions where I was, they know what I gave and what I am. I am focused on doing things very well and making the institution happy.”

Finally, he praised Jefferson Duque and hopes to be a complement on the attack front. “Jefferson Duque is a benchmark, it is a pride to play alongside him. If we play together, we hope to complement each other to do great things. I think about connecting well, to bring a lot of joy to the institution.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
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