Jonathan Franzen: “Trump was also a political genius”

Dhe new novel is ready. Jonathan Franzen, who once said of himself that he “almost never” wrote, did not allow himself to be put off in the epidemic year 2020, which he spent almost exclusively in his native Santa Cruz. In the summer he handed in the manuscript of “Crossroads”. The Hildebrandts’ family history from a small town in the Midwest will be part of a trilogy and possibly stretch right up to the present day – even if Franzen has not yet spoken about it. For this he is ready – now that almost all the votes have been counted – to talk about the presidential election in America.

WORLD: Trump denies the legitimacy of the election, he occupies central positions in the Pentagon with last loyal followers, Trump supporters sometimes take to the streets by the thousands. Yet the world seems to believe less in a coup than in the immature behavior of the man in the White House. Does she still don’t know Trump or does she know him all too well now?

Franzen: Trump has always embodied the narcissism of consumer society …


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