Jonathann Daval admits to having wanted to “kill” Alexia

Jonathann Daval, who maintained until now not to have wanted to kill his wife Alexia, admitted Thursday before the assizes of Haute-Saône to have wanted to “kill” him, at the resumption of his interrogation interrupted by unease the day before in the evening.

“Anyway, I gave him death, yes, when you strangle someone like that it is to kill”, he replied to the president of the court Matthieu Husson.

“So it is death that you wanted?”, Insisted the president. “Yep,” blurted out the accused.

His lawyers had reserved before the trial the possibility of pleading the willful violence leading to death without intention of giving it, less severely punished than the count of murder on a spouse for which he has been tried since Monday, punishable by life imprisonment .

But the statements of their client seem to close the door to this possibility since Mr. Daval now recognizes the murder of his wife.

During this argument with Alexia, it is “the anger of all these years which has emerged (…) Hence the strangulation for her to be silent”, he said. “Yes, I did, although still, I find it hard to admit it.”

According to him, Alexia bit him, which triggered his rage: “the bite, it put me out of myself (…) I made pressure cooker, I overflowed”.

In icy silence, he continued the story of the murder: “I hit her head twice against the wall before hitting her. Before I dared not admit that I had done that …”

“The blows were quick and it started on the strangulation”, he continued, “I grabbed her by the neck, I squeezed”. “I squeezed (…) When I felt that she was sagging, I released,” he added, assuring that he had “never fought” before or never had punched “.

He then carried his wife’s body in the trunk of his professional vehicle (“it’s like dragging a vulgar sack of potatoes”, he blurted out, his voice choked with sobs), and then returned to the house. and take a sleeping pill. “It’s disgusting,” he breathes in tears.

“The (next) morning at 9:00 am, I made the decision to get rid of the body” in a nearby wood “and to make it up in jogging”, continued Mr. Daval, who had first reported Alexia’s disappearance. , allegedly never returned from a jog.

He was arrested three months later, in January 2018, after playing the grieving widower.

Once Alexia’s body was deposited in the forest, he attempted to set it ablaze with a bomb of expanding foam, a very flammable product. Only a few parts of the body will burn.

“I left as soon as I set the fire,” he added.

Quickly, he was aware of having left several clues behind him: “the tracker” of his professional car, “the cap of the bomb, the bite: I knew very well that they were going to find me. As if part of I said: + things must be hidden + and the other, + no, you must not do that + “.

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