Jordan’s parliament turns into a wrestling arena during the amendments session

Amman: «The Gulf»

The Jordanian parliament’s session to approve the new constitutional amendments turned into a “violent wrestling arena”, during which deputies exchanged fistfights, punches and kicks, waving threats and uttering insults amid a state of chaos that called for it to be lifted until Thursday morning.

The session seemed tense before embarking on a detailed discussion of the items when a verbal altercation occurred after Parliament Speaker Abdel Karim Al-Daghmi rejected the statement of MP Raed Smeirat, “Shame on us to accept what was stated” and threatened to expel him from the parliament. ) Soon”.

Noisy quarrels erupted when the head of the Legal Committee, Abdel Moneim Al-Awdat, took the initiative to read the first item of the amendments, due to the addition of the word “Jordanian women” in the title of the second chapter on “Jordanians’ rights and duties,” to face a barrage of anger initiated by Representative Firas Al-Sawair, considering the addition calls for discrimination and imposes a new provision for the constitution. Meanwhile, MP Muhammad Al-Fayez decided to leave the dome in protest of what he described as “mismanagement of the session” after he said that the discussion needed a longer time.

Al-Daghmi rejected the proposal of Representative Suleiman Abu Yahya to suspend the session and cordon off the debates in the office of the Presidency of the Parliament before they exchanged an argument, which Abu Yahya started by saying, “You do not understand anything,” to which Al-Daghmi replied, “Shut up. on launch.

With the return of the session to heal the tension, Al-Daghmi tried to control the tension when he went to the seat of Abu Yahya, speaking of not intending to offend. During the break, it quickly turned into an arena of fights, kicks and punches, whose circle expanded as a result of the interventions of others and attempts by others to prevent matters from developing amid insults and mutual intimidation.

After the temporary disengagement, Al-Riyati was seen again addressing direct punches to Deputy Andre Hawari, who denied his direct connection to the fight and stated that he found himself within his circle by virtue of his seat position. It is not excluded that what happened was fabricated by a group that wanted to disrupt the session. The “fighting arena” was repeated more than once, whenever it was surrounded with a change of location from the center of the dome to the main entrance, and it included MPs Shadi Freij, Ahmed Al-Sarrahna and Abdul Rahman Al-Awaisha. The repercussions were calmed, and others took the initiative to form a “reconciliation committee”. About 30 constitutional amendments to the Royal Commission for Modernizing the Political System approved by the Council of Ministers include the creation of a new council called “National Security,” lowering the age of candidacy for parliamentary elections, and limiting the tasks of establishing and following up party affairs to the Independent Election Commission.


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