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The affirmations without proof of the Popular Renovation parliamentarian, Jorge Montoya, towards the Minister of Culture, Gisela Ortizhave been the target of strong criticism from various political actors. What was said by the congressman has been cataloged a act of defamation for some, which would imply a complaint.

Jorge Montoya, a true congressman with presidential aspirations, believe that terrucan is normal. I hope that the respectable minister, Gisela Ortiz, will criminally denounce him for defamation. Enough is enough! ”, Published the former Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations, Gloria Montenegro and Twitter.

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For its part, the legislator of Together for Peru (JP), Ruth Luque, also showed her rejection of Montoya’s statements. In the same social network, the congresswoman pointed out that the objective of the spokesperson for Popular Renewal it is “damaging the credibility” of Ortiz and “stigmatizing him politically.”

“The ‘terruqueo’ means endorsing someone’s affiliation to a terrorist organization to damage their credibility and stigmatize them politically. No person, even a congressman, has the right to do so. Enough of stigmatizing human rights defenders What Gisela Ortiz”, It was pronounced.

Ruth Luque’s tweet. Photo: Twitter capture

Montoya accused of defamation

The MP for the Purple Party, Edward Málaga, He dedicated a publication to the Minister of Culture, in which he offered his support. What’s more, argued that Montoya’s claims would defame.

“My solidarity with the Minister of Culture, Gisela Ortiz, before the affirmations of Jorge Montoya. It is not necessary to defame to make political opposition. The Executive has already taken a small first step towards moderation. Now the Legislature must do the same and more ”, he wrote.


The sociologist and former parliamentarian Marisa Glave it also ruled on the matter. In his message, he stressed that the former admiral is carrying out an act of defamation, aggression and revictimization against the head of Culture.

marisa head

In addition, he specified that the legislator indirectly seeks to legitimize the Colina Group share, since it “justifies” the killing of the students and the teacher of La Cantuta in the 90s, accused of terrorism.

maeisa head

“Montoya’s speech is dangerous because it indirectly seeks to legitimize Colina’s action. The justification used in the 1990s was that Cantuta’s students and teacher were from Path. At the trial, it was clear that it was not true”, He specified.

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Marisa heads


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