Jorge Muñoz: “Beaches are not places of contamination, but people’s behaviors do not contribute” Summer 2021 covid-19 coronavirus perú nndc | PERU

The mayor of Lima, Jorge Muñoz, spoke about the statements made by the mayor of Punta Hermosa, Jorge Olaechea, who urged the Executive that local governments handle the restriction measures on the beaches in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic .

In dialogue with RPP, Muñoz said that the beaches are open places that would not contribute to possible COVID-19 infections. However, he emphasized that the behaviors of some citizens are not appropriate.

This is an unprecedented situation that has taken us on the wrong foot and we must be extremely careful, the beaches are not a place of contamination, they are open, clean spaces, but many times the behavior of the citizens who arrive at the beaches do not contribute and are where you have to put control ”, Jorge Muñoz pointed out in a statement with the aforementioned media.

Muñoz: “Beaches are not places of pollution, but people’s behavior does not contribute”

He also pointed out that the issue has been discussed with the burgomasters of local governments, but specified that there are several issues that have to be discussed to establish prevention measures on the beaches.

Not all beaches have the same characteristics, if we see from a metropolitan perspective, let’s say the metropolitan territory that goes from Pucusana to Ancón, we have been talking with the mayors, there are different resources, morphology on the beaches, different capacities. So you have to do a very serious and responsible job”, He said.

In relation to the statements of the mayor of Punta Hermosa, Muñoz ruled that in some districts it is difficult to control the arrival of people. In that sense, he pointed out that measures will be sought for the protection of citizens.

In contrast to the aforementioned case (of Mayor Olaechea), I was talking a few days ago with the mayor of Chorrillos and he told me that it was impossible to control a wave of people at a time like New Year’s Eve that almost 45 thousand people arrive in Agua Dulce; then we must look for intelligent measures that protect citizens, I believe that in the coming days we must look for measures “, he highlighted.

The Government reported that the beach restriction will continue in some regions until January 31, 2021. This restriction came into effect on December 22 and seeks to avoid the crowding of people and eventual infections of COVID-19.


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