Jorge Oñate fights against the coronavirus and will be transferred to Medellín – Other Cities – Colombia

Jorge Oñate, Vallenato music singer, presents a complex clinical condition after the aggressive aftermath of the coronavirus that has been suffering in recent weeks.

“It is very delicate. He comes with an abdominal problem due to pancreatitis and other underlying pathologies. We are in God’s hands, ”said a member close to the musical performer.

The artist has been hospitalized since January 18 at the Cesar Cardiovascular Institute, in Valledupar.

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As a result of the complications that he has been presenting, he will be transferred, this Tuesday morning, in an ambulance plane to the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital in Medellín.

“Before he presented these problems, he had contemplated going there as a result of some discomfort he presented in the kidneys. Now with the consequences of the coronavirus, it presents multi-organ failures that must be treated quickly in a more specialized center”, He explained.

The process of recovering ‘The Goldfinch of America’, has been slow and prolonged, for this, the multidisciplinary team of the Cardiovascular Institute, has been carrying out a ‘therapy with renal replacement’ so that the singer finishes eliminating the remnants of drugs that he has accumulated in his body, which does not allow him to optimal awakening that they are waiting for to decide their discharge from ICU.

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The musician Silvestre Dangond transferred the wife and children of the ‘Jilguero de América’ in his private plane, while Oñate is in an ambulance plane.


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According to the medical assessment, they said that a new procedure could be explored with greater technology that is not available in Valledupar, that is why their transfer

However, the presence of the infectious disease doctor, Iván Zuluaga, and the pulmonologist, Carmelo Dueñas, was necessary to join the artist’s medical evaluation after the inflammation in the pancreas that Oñate presented last weekend.

“They are very close to Silvestre Dangond, who has been very aware of the teacher’s health. According to the medical evaluation, they said that a new procedure could be explored with a higher technology that is not available in Valledupar, that is why their transfer ”, he said.

In the next few hours a new medical report is expected to know how the preparations for the transfer of the musical idol to the Antioquia capital are progressing.

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