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Five members of the family of Jorge Onate, Vallenato music legend who died last Sunday in Medellín, were victims of a robbery while the artist was buried in the central cemetery of La Paz (Cesar).

One of those affected was Bernardo ‘Chino’ Zuleta, the singer’s brother-in-law, who upon returning from the funeral found that They had violated the sheet metal of the main door of his house and had forced one of the windows.

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“Upon arrival, a neighbor told me that I had been robbed”Zuleta recounted. The thieves searched the interior of the house and stole a computer owned by the granddaughter of Jorge Onate. Also, a cell phone, a speaker, and cash were stolen.

“Luckily I was not at home at the time, because maybe something had happened to me,” said Oñate’s brother-in-law.

Delfina Oñate, the singer’s first cousin, was another of the bandits’ victims, this time, while the mayor’s office of this town performed the posthumous tribute to the musical idol in the Olaya Herrera square. “His cell phone and wallet were stolen,” said a close relative.

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Silvestre Dangond sang to Jorge Oñate, his godfather, during his funeral.

Other of those affected were José Daniel Oñate, son of the deceased, and a minor member of the family, from whom cell phones valued at more than five million pesos were stolen.

“When they left the cemetery they realized that they no longer had cell phones”, he stressed.

The municipal government secretary of this town, Alexis Oñate, indicated that the complaint was filed with the competent authorities, who have been carrying out the respective investigations, since -during that day- the vandals also stole a truck from another inhabitant of the town.

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