Jorge Rausch shows what a day of his is like outside the Masterchef recordings

Jorge Rausch has become a celebrity of TikTok and every time believe more content for that social network, in which it has 300,000 followers.

The jury of ‘Masterchef’, who has a young girlfriend which is also popular on that social network, He shared images of what he does in a normal day and a lot of work.

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How is a day of Jorge Rausch outside of ‘Masterchef’?

The recordings of the program ended several months ago and Catalina Maya expressed that four finals were made, which is why they don’t know who won.

While in the RCN Channel they broadcast this ‘reality’ that has had more drama than usual, He takes the opportunity to appear on other cooking shows, receive interviews and even record his recipes for your social networks [vea acá cómo hacer un sudado de pollo].

Rausch’s day, he says, begins around 5 a.m. and with an exercise routine. Going to the gym has become a habit for him and at home he has adequate space to lift weights.

After that, there are several others in front of the cameras and behind the stoves cooking different preparations.

(See here: [Video] How is the kitchen of Jorge Rausch’s house; Worthy of a chef of your lineage?)

Just as his partner showed, Rausch takes his dogs for a walk, but what few knew is that he, before going to sleep, applies cream to his bald head and he has a stuffed animal with his face on it.

This is the video that the Colombian chef shared on his social networks:

@ jorge.rauschAn ordinary day in my life ????????????????#fyp #kitchen room #chef #food #meal #recipes #masterchef♬ Luxury fashion (no vocals) – TimTaj


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