Jörgen Raymann despaired: “It felt like I was back to scratch” | NOW

Jörgen Raymann briefly despaired when his agenda as a stand-up comedian and singer was turned upside down by the corona crisis. 53-year-old Almeerder is now trying new things as a radio host and business advisor.

Raymann would play a leading role with Simone Kleinsma this year in the Broadway musical ‘Hello Dolly!’. Due to the corona crisis, the tour has been shelved for the time being.

“I was doing badly for business some time ago. I was taken off the pipe by the NPO, clients dropped out and our media company got into bad weather. The worst part is if you lose control. I had that back then, and we did now with this crisis too, “he said in an interview with Faithful.

“It took me three years to get back to a bit above Jan, I was full of resentment and anger. When I let go of that, I slowly climbed out of the valley, and then this virus came. It felt like I was back at it I try new things now. I rediscover myself, I talk to others and I also advise them. “

Since next week, Raymann is publishing the podcast ‘We in the future’ on radio station BNR, in which he talks to experts about how we will look at work differently now. He also advises companies with online quarterly sessions.

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