José Luis Iniesta, an essential man in the Casa del Toro

Updated:28/11/2020 01: 00h


It is our turn to dismiss with great pain a great man and a fundamental pillar for the Union of Bullfighters of Lidia (UCTL) Jose Luis Iniesta. One of those people whose work can go unnoticed and, nevertheless, be fundamental to understand what UCTL is like today.

Eight years ago José Luis Iniesta accepted the responsibility of being the treasurer of this entity, and it did so at a difficult time, where the economic crisis was hitting the wild field and affected the viability of UCTL. Then he knew how to apply temper and command. And now, precisely now, we needed his business knowledge and empathy with the entire team more than ever, with whom he always had a warm word.

At this time, the great work flawless and silent de Iniesta has done that again, and after two legislatures, to ask him once again to join us in directing UCTL at the most complicated moment in its history due to this terrible pandemic, which has also taken him ahead.

With the perennial smile on his face, with the constant illusion to see UCTL grow, always involved in new projects and, fundamentally, dreaming of his two herds, which he knew how to put at the level of the largest, because he was a great.

From the hand of his inseparable and dear lola, his wife, we will remember him willing to commit himself to the fighting bull, to work tirelessly with an eye on the future, to enjoy with joy and positivity even in the most difficult moments.

José Luis Iniesta was born in Seville on August 12, 1942 and died last Wednesday in Badajoz, victim of this terrible virus which is taking away fundamental people in the brave field. He was a director of the UCTL, with the responsibility of managing the entity’s treasury from 2012 to the present.

In business, he was a great manager. Chaired the group Rio hotelier that he himself founded in Badajoz, and that made him worthy of many awards from the city, among which was the designation of Extremadura Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003.

In his career as a farmer he owned two irons: José Luis Iniesta, of encaste Juan Pedro Domecq, and Los Espartales, of Murube-Urquijo. Precisely with a bull from this herd, «Biemplantao», he made history in Madrid in 2018, when he managed to have his tail cut off, a milestone that had not been produced for 46 years.

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