José Miguel Viñuela | Reveal twist and new evidence in case for haircut to cameraman | Jose Miranda

The entertainer Jose Miguel Viñuela is still on trial in front of cameraman José Miranda, after cut your hair in the air and without consent, in the middle of the broadcast of “Mucho Gusto” that took place on July 16.

After multiple legal exchanges between both, now it was revealed that the narrative of the event has taken a radical turn around the figure of the entertainer and to the detriment of the affected one.

This is because, as revealed Meter, the defense of Viñuela It would have 4 witnesses – two makeup artists and two production assistants – who supposedly witnessed a conversation between the animator and the cameraman, at which time Miranda maintained that ‘everything was fine’ and where they reached an agreement to donate hair to a foundation for children with cancer.

The report further indicated that one of the channel’s hairdressers still keeps Miranda’s hair, providing the necessary care so far to be able to make such a donation.

However, the points in favor that the animator would have do not end there, especially after the cameraman ignored a deposit of 350 thousand pesos via transfer from Viñuela: Mega’s face revealed a paper handwritten by José Miranda, where he stamped his name, RUT and signature next to the confirmation of receipt of this payment.

Although Viñuela’s defenders have tried to reach an agreement with Miranda, everything indicates that the family of the cameraman has prevented the talks.

José Miranda remains on leave to this day, counting more than seven months without commenting on the events surrounding the controversial episode.


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