José Mota’s endearing tribute to the elderly

Dismissing such a complex year based on comedy was not easy. José Mota usually puts the icing on the cake by shaping the fantasies of people who are looking for smiles. But 2020 has not been a time of laughter. Leaning into the houses on New Year’s Eve dressed in humor seemed tricky. But tenderness was always present in the La Mancha specials and, wisely, this year he preferred to take refuge in it, letting the comedy sail in delicate seas. ‘Cinema Paradiso’ was the ideal packaging. And nothing better than to replace the kisses, now more censored than ever, for that ode to seniority.

There were no shortage of allusions to the news of recent months. The humorist bases his gags on the simple and direct comedy that abounds in contemporaneity and knows how to orchestrate that set of gags that are happening celebrating life and its playful component; laughing at everything and everyone because comedy is critical, not offensive. And it infects his philosophy. So we see Luis Cobos doing parody of himself. If she could take it, so could I. Play it again ”, says a Bogart before the musician who does not hesitate to attack ‘Los Nardos’, better known as ‘Por la calle de Alcalá’. Add to it the ‘Resistiré’, but with a monastic distance, and the expected meeting between Minister Illa and Miguel Bosé. “Better to get out of the house breathing,” advised the ruler. More surreal suggestions have been made in recent months. And his friends, Santiago Segura and Flo, embroidered ‘The three fears’. The pandemic was hovering around and Mota knew how to shape it.

The acidity was reflected in a song. “There is a mediocre in my ‘shot against the political ineptitude that surrounds us. Public mediocrity that society tolerates and even exalts. The soundtrack of ‘Toy Story’ came to the hair to criticize those who govern us and those who vote for them, who are ourselves. And in troubled times, those in which opinion leads to atonement, nothing better than the ingenuity to throw poisoned darts. The race for the vaccine, commented in an Olympic format and with the Spanish participant waiting for help to arrive to begin the investigation, was a display of sarcasm directed at the leader. Almost as much as that shitty pie that hits the mayor in that town theater. By the way, what a nice town you have, bird. José is from Montiel and he boasted of his land by portraying it with bird’s eye view.

The Mota thing has merit, and more this year. The actor was more so than ever and, surprise! He confirmed that it has continuity. Her six-year-old son debuted and seduced. The complicity between the two, embodying Toto and Alfredo, was more than evident. The child’s natural laughter, those frank responses … Hitchcock encouraged in his day not to work with children or animals. The master of suspense added: “Not with Charles Laughton.” And I was quoting the artist because he always steals the scene from you. I am convinced that the comedian from La Mancha will not have minded that it is his son who is the one who takes center stage. That is heartiness and not that of the emeritus who, in the program, did not deprive himself of giving his Christmas speech from the United Arab Emirates.

The end was a toast to our elders. ‘Never has a generation given so much having received so little’ read the farewell. And the censored kisses that reign in the film were transformed here into a tribute to seniority. Before, the ‘little one’ had already paid the ground by pasting photos on the movie posters. Longevity prevailed and Leonardo DiCaprio gave the ‘Titanic’ to an anonymous grandfather. Those who have suffered the most, in all respects, deserved the courtesy.


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