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Jose Pékerman has handled a very low profile since leaving the Colombia selection. After the elimination of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the Argentine took more than two months to disassociate himself from the Colombian Football Federation)

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Since then, Pékerman has not directed and he had not given interviews again, although it should be remembered that, during the seven years he was in the National Team, he never gave individual talks and always handled himself through press conferences.

Now, the Argentine reappeared three years after his departure from Colombia. He referred to what happened during his time with the team, what he has seen of the current team and the situation of the two referents of the National Team in his time, James Rodríguez and Radamel Falcao García.

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Pékerman did not delve into his departure from Colombia

Pékerman, in a conversation with the newspaper Marca, did not want to delve into the reasons for his departure from the Colombian National Team. “When I make a decision, even with pain, I must respect it. And what was not said at the time, cannot be said later “, he declared.

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The Argentine recalled that, in the two World Cups that he directed Colombia, he could not fully count on his figures. Falcao injured his knee and did not go to Brazil 2014. “It was one of the biggest troubles that I had from that stage. It was the two figures at the time. In 2014, Radamel tried to arrive, but they did not give him the times, “he recalled.

James, on the other hand, was on the list of 23 for Russia 2018, but an injury prevented him from being in the final stages: he was a substitute against Japan, he was a starter and figure against Poland and had to go against Senegal. He missed the key quarter-final match against England.

Pékerman believes he could go further in Russia with James

“In 2018 James was a surprise. He had come to the World Cup well. In the tournament, he suffered his ailments and we could not have it to the fullest. I am convinced that with him in the field that tie with England in the second round that leaves us out on penalties would have been different. I think we would have passed us and in the 90 minutes. It is not easy to face a World Cup without your figures, but I am happy for both Cups ”, he assured.

Although Falcao is already 35 years old and James, 30, has been greatly affected by physical problems, Pékerman believes that both can still give a lot to the National Team.

“We are talking about two world figures. You don’t get that high just because. Both, like all, can have ups and downs, but of their quality there is no discussion. They are fantastic players, ”he insisted.

About the current process of Reinaldo Rueda, Pékerman was cautious: “I wish him the best of success, both to Reinaldo and to his players. I hope they do excellently ”.

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Regarding his future, the Argentine affirmed that he is ready to lead again: “The desire never went away. And I don’t think they will go away. I’m to train tomorrow. I think it’s the moment. We are, with my team, with a lot of energy and studying various possibilities calmly. I have a young work group, but with extensive experience and well prepared. And yes, the idea is to return to the soccer arena shortly. Hopefully it will happen very soon ”.


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