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This is a job of serving others. These three years I have learned to serve more, to contribute, to beautify my city”Reflects José Molina in one of his Instagram posts. His work? He has been a sweeper, for more than three years, in the city of Bogotá, Colombia.

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He is so happy and proud of what he does that he has no problem sharing photos, videos, and anecdotes of his work on his profiles. Facebook e Instagram. His story as’influence‘was shared with the world, for the first time, by the Colombian media The viewer.

In their social media makes publications that are characterized by good humor, a touch of irony and a task that Molina took personally: remembering the importance of keeping his city clean. “I want to wish you the best, say cheer up! and that regardless of the situation God is with you. Today the day dawns a little gray, but it does not matter, the important thing is how your heart is. Do not forget how valuable you are, I send a hug to all”, He says in one of his publications.

His routine begins very early, and indicates that at 5:30 he is already on the street. Armed with his blue uniform, gloves, broom, an iron barrel and garbage bags, the 43-year-old man is preparing to make his city a little more beautiful, as every day.

In addition to his facet as janitor Y cristiano, José enjoys the musical genre heavy metal and he is the organizer of LowFest, a rock, metal and punk festival that seeks to promote and support new artists and talents from the different locations of Bogota.

Recently, because of the article they made about him, he made a live broadcast to thank the good responses to his work and publications. “I didn’t think it would go so viral. The truth is that I am not interested in being known or being viral. Since I can influence you, give you hope and put a smile on your face and be able to bring you a little closer to God, even if it is to motivate a person and make all the work they do, whether business, or a job like mine, from that you do it with love with affection and happiness, it depends on what is in your heart and in your attitude”.

Without a doubt, José is the kind of ‘influence‘that we deserve right now. Among so much sad or bad news, he bets on laughter, hope and good vibes in the face of adversity. An example to follow.


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