“Josee The Tiger and The Fish José the Tiger and the Fishes” Anime fans are thrilled. Cheer for Josee to win an Oscar on February 8th.

Monday, January 24, 2022, 1:57 p.m.

Pass the first stage, prepare for the Oscar nomination! “Josee, The Tiger and The Fish José, the Tiger and the Fish” is listed in 276 films that qualify for the 94th Academy Awards. Prepare to be announced on February 8, 65.

And then as expected When the heart-warming animated movie “Josee, The Tiger and The Fish José and the Tiger and the Fish” that T&B Media Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd. brought to fans in November. In 2021, it was nominated for an Oscar. After creating a phenomenon that anime fans have spoken word of mouth as the best animated movie with the mind. And created a response from critics who poured a score of 10/10 until many people regarded Jose as the most beautiful and tearful animated film of the year.

“Josee The Tiger and The Fish” is a quality film that has been nominated for the 44th Japan Academy Film Prize, 75th Mainichi Film Awards and honored as the closing film of the 25th Busan International Film Festival. Jose has to send encouragement and join the hope that Jose will win this 94th Academy Awards or not.

Based on the short novel by Tanabe Sei, “Josee The Tiger and The Fish” will warm your heart with the story of “José” and “Tsuneo.” Go, which made a live action movie in 2003 and is also dubbed the best of romance and teenage life from Studio Bones, the producer of the animated series “My Hero Academia.” and “Full Metal Alchemist,” as well as BGM composer Evan Call from hit anime “Violet Evergarden” composing the film’s deep signature theme song, along with the original soundtrack “Ao No Waltz” and “Shinkai.” ” which also featured vocaloid vocalist EVE for the animated series “Jujutsu Kaisen”, which fans and critics love for the anime. and said in one voice, It is a film that tells the story of human growth. Through the love perspective of “José” warms the heart the most, “Tears, tenderness, passion are all that we are”…

T&B invites fans to join in the fun and cheer for Josee who has gone as far as the Oscars. February 8th: Josee, The Tiger and The Fish Josee, the Tiger and the Fish #José and the Tiger and the Fish #TandBMediaGlobal #HomeOfHappy #JapanAnimeMovieThailand #JapanAnimeMovie #JAM

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