Joseph Attieh in Egypt and the reason?

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The star Joseph Attieh headed to Egypt, where he performed a huge wedding in Alexandria, organized by the entrepreneur Tamer Abdel Moneim, for Nadine Hassouna, the daughter of the Alexandrian businessman Mohamed Hassouna Ali, and the engineer Mohamed Khader, son of Engineer Ehab Khader.

Where the wedding began with the legendary entry of the bride, and then Attia entered the rhythm of his song “Ya Kol El Din” to sing his most beautiful songs in the presence of a large number of famous art and Egyptian society and political figures.

As for what is remarkable, he had a lyrical link with the star Nicole Saba, and everyone danced and sang to the rhythm of the Lebanese Dabke songs, adding the meeting of the two stars added a special charm to the party.

It is reported that Joseph Attieh will release a duet in the Moroccan dialect with the star Fodil later this week.

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