Joshua Kimmich from FC Bayern Munich about fear after knee surgery

FFor the first time since his knee operation, international soccer player Joshua Kimmich gave an insight into his mental life, which was damaged by the serious injury. “My knee felt like shit. (…) I was afraid that I would wake up and my knee would still be stiff. Then there was the fear of the operation itself, ”said Kimmich in the special annual review of Stern magazine.

The 25-year-old reported that it “certainly played a role” that it was the first operation on him. In addition, it was previously unclear what exactly would happen during the operation. “It would have been better and healthier to sew,” said Kimmich, “but then I would have been out for four to five months.” But sewing was not possible, which is why a part of the meniscus was removed and he got away with a six-week break.

Kimmich is already training with the ball again and is scheduled to return in January. “I immediately had the feeling that my knee was going to be back,” he said, “the relief was great.” Before the injury that the Bayern professional suffered in the classic at Borussia Dortmund (3-2) at the beginning of November, “I did felt invulnerable, ”reported Kimmich. Through additional training, he had acquired “a certain amount of armor” that gave him the confidence: “Nothing can happen.” Kimmich emphasized that he was convinced that this armor “will also protect him in the future”.

Bayern President Herbert Hainer sees the potential of Leroy Sané’s transfer of king as far from being exhausted. “I believe that Leroy Sane can do a lot more,” said Hainer at Sport1, but took the national player into protection. The long injury, the resulting mental strain, the difficult integration in an absolutely top team, “you have to work your way into that first. That doesn’t happen overnight. ”At FC Bayern,“ everyone is convinced of its potential. He has brilliant things about himself “, emphasized Hainer and demanded:” You have to give him time. “


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