journalist called Brazil’s goalkeeper a “pig”

This saturday, the selection of Brazil drew 3-3 against the European team for the second round of Group F women’s football in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, who complete three days of competitions.

Journalist called Brazil’s goalkeeper a “pig” at the Olympic Games

Derksen, however, He took advantage of the transmission of the commitment to question the physical appearance of the Brazilian goalkeeper, Barbara Barbosa. According to the communicator, the goalkeeper is overweight, reported Mundo Deportivo.

“This goalkeeper is overweight, right? It’s a pig in a sweater. It is a total mockery for the South American team. He didn’t actually stop a single decent ball, ”said the Dutch journalist.

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Then she added: “I like other women’s sports, like handball and cycling, much more than soccer. Women’s football is not fun at all, but the Netherlands played better than Brazil.

Although he stated that women’s football is not his strong suit, users on social networks strongly criticized the correspondent in Tokyo 2020. They even pointed out that Derksen should be fired for those unfortunate statements.

As for football, the draw is less known to the Dutch because the Brazilian team could win the first place in the group if they beat Zambia in the last day by more than four goals.


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