journalist Cristina Sanchís left Telecinco newscast live

A curious fact was presented in the middle of one of the news programs on the Telecinco channel, in spainled by the renowned Spanish journalist Pedro Píqueras.

It all happened in the middle of a live report by the reporter Cristina Sanchís, who quickly turned viral on social media for her decision to walk off the screen even though all the viewers were watching her.

His surprising action, surely caused by the nerves of the moment, It gave Internet users something to talk about since the video of what happened was shared by several users on Twitter.

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The images show how the communicator tried to explain in the transmission the new uptick in coronavirus cases produced in that country, but she suffered a confusion that immediately blocked her.

Sanchís began his very confident speech by telling all the details of a new case of COVID-19, but as she moved forward she began to get nervous to the point that she moved out of the camera’s focus.

“The Generalitat asks, above all, the elderly and vulnerable people to put on their masks again in closed and poorly ventilated spaces. They say that the situation is not comparable to the sixth wave, but well… they maintain that… that despite this hospital pressure… well, well…” the journalist mentioned with obvious gestures of confusion.

“Fruit, fruit, fruit!” he was heard saying at that moment, implying his annoyance at what had happened.

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The production team was agile and, as quickly as possible, passed images on the subject in question so that the screen was not completely empty.

Network users took the fact with humor, although some stressed that nerves can play tricks on anyone.

Here, two Twitter videos showing the moment:

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