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journalist fainted live while dispatching from the Colón Theater

On these days, Argentina is experiencing a strong heat wave, and on local television one of the consequences of this meteorological condition was shown: a journalist from the El Nueve channel fainted live, while conducting an office from the emblematic Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires.

The reporter Carlos Ferrara was on the public highway, when the cameraman next to him started yelling at him. Claudio perez, newscaster Telenove at noon.

“Sorry, Claudio!” Were the words of the cameraman, who later showed to the journalist lying on the ground after fainting.

“What happened? Please, well, Carlos had some difficulty. It is next to a testing center, they will surely attend it. We are going to make a cut quickly and we will be back ”, said Pérez, before going to commercials.

Heat wave in Argentina: a report with a maximum of 37 ° C

Then, from the channel they explained the reasons for Carlos Ferrara’s decompensation, who was treated by SAME, Argentina’s health care system, similar to the Chilean SAMU.

The reason for the live dispatch was the covid-19 test that takes place at the Teatro Colón, in the midst of the wave of infections resulting from the omicron variant. In the middle of your work, the reporter was suffocated and was breathing heavily.

“The first thing we want to say is that we were waiting for a confirmation that they are treating our colleague Carlos Ferrara, who had a small decompensation on his mobile and fortunately a minute and a half were the people of SAME, who is already taking care of him and recovering him ”, explained Pérez.

And he added that “clarified this issue that was partly on the air of course, we are also workers who are in this heat in the street, especially our fellow movileros ”.

On Twitter, the official account of telenueve, the El Nueve newscast, reported that “we want to bring peace of mind about the health of our colleague, the journalist Carlos Ferrara, who suffered an air decompensation and was assisted by SAME ”.

Of course, criticism was not lacking of viewers through social networks, since at that time a maximum of 37 ° C was recorded in the capital of the neighboring country.

During this week there have been temperatures above 40 ° C. In fact, for this Friday thermometers expected to reach 42 ° C. And that’s not all, since at least in the province of Buenos Aires a storm is announced for this Sunday.