Journalist from Noticias Caracol, “surprised” with Venezuelan authorities

The reporter shared on her social networks the experience she lived through crossing the binational pass and visiting San Cristóbal, Táchira, where she not only greeted relatives she had in that city, but also made some comparisons.

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In fact, he made a kind of journalistic report for his followers on the different platforms, in which he showed what he was able to see on his journey.

In this sense, he showed how the trade, the supply is, and he even said that he did not expect the treatment he received from the authorities.

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journalist of Snail News“surprised” in Venezuela

The woman began by cataloging her experience as unexpected: “I thought this was never going to come true, very early we crossed into San Cristóbal, Venezuela.”

Then he spoke that there is no shortage in the market, but that the prices are high: “Although the supermarkets are well stocked, it is cheaper to shop in Cúcuta.”

Finally, he showed his surprise with the way in which

“The authorities They were kind, which surprised us a lot.”

Here is his post:

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