Journalists urged by Gerald Darmanin to “get closer to the authorities before the demonstrations”

While the National Assembly adopts in turn the articles of the law on comprehensive security, including the very controversial article 24, the debate escalates between the Minister of the Interior and journalists.

Tuesday, November 17, the demonstration against this bill ended with great reinforcements of tear gas and cannons in Paris. The images are circulating (they still can), of journalists ordered to leave the premises under penalty of arrest for gathering, arrested in the case of two of them, or assaulted.

About sixty organizations, including the Human Rights League, journalists’ unions and Amnesty International, issued a joint statement the next day entitled “Freedom to inform under attack during rally for the right to information” and calling for a new protest on Saturday.

“Attacks on the freedom to inform were committed by members of the security forces at the end of the rally in Paris”

Report upstream

The same evening, Gérald Darmanin explained, during a presentation to the Ministry of the Interior, that “in accordance with the plan for maintaining order”, journalists wishing to cover demonstrations should “report” to the prefectural authorities beforehand. .

A (strong) suggestion reiterated on Twitter in the wake:

Enough to make a lot of journalists jump, still attached to freedom of information!

As a first response and ahead of further gatherings, a hashtag was launched on Twitter, #AlloLaPref. With a malicious pleasure and a certain humor, many reporters ask their respective prefectures for permission to do their job.

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