Jovic’s father: “The photos having fun are from Spain, from months ago, not from Belgrade”

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Milan Jovic, father of Luka Jovic, has come to the defense of his son, immersed in a thousand criticisms for having traveled to Serbia, having to remain in quarantine and being accused of raping her to celebrate the birthday of his girlfriend, Sofia Milosevic, in the streets Belgrade, according to local press. The Real Madrid footballer denies it. He claims that he did not know that he could not go to the pharmacy, as is done in Spain in full confinement.

Her father, Milan, has been resounding: «He passed two coronavirus tests and both were negative. Although they were negative, there were misunderstandings. He thought it was negative and that he could get out.

The Real Madrid striker’s father expressed his regret: «Now he seems to be a criminal. If you have to go to jail, let him go to jail. I fully agree with the President and the Prime Minister, but only if he is guilty. I support the decision only if I was wrong, but he came to Belgrade and broke into his apartment. The photos showing him having fun are from Spain and were taken months ago. Even Sofia, who is pregnant, cannot leave the apartment ».

Jovic obtained Real Madrid’s permission to come to Serbia before declaring the state of alarm in Spain: «Luka came to Serbia to be with her family. We knew before his arrival that he would come and that he did not come for Sofia. He wanted to spend this time with his people in Serbia. He was ready to help the state, financially and in any other way. Luka will help the Serbian people and I know what the deal was before his arrival.

She expressed her support for her son: «As a family, we are with Luka. Some things were exaggerated, there were misunderstandings. Luka did not understand things in the best way ». .


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