JP Nadda Criticizes Opposition Unity and Affirms NDA’s Continued Power in 2024

2023-07-17 14:01:00

New Delhi: BJP National President J.P. said that the Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government will continue in power in 2024. Nadda. He said that the central government has transferred Rs 28 lakh crore directly to the accounts of the deserving people and that better governance is the hallmark of the NDA government.

Nadda said in a press conference held at the BJP headquarters in Delhi that 38 parties will participate in the NDA meeting tomorrow. Those who left the alliance with the NDA can decide for themselves when to come back, he added.

‘NDA is the right alliance to serve and strengthen the country. The opposition coalition does not have a leader or decision-making power.

It is an alliance based on selfish interests. Opposition party meetings are just for taking photos. It is wrong to say that there is unity between them.

There is a move to hide the corruption of the old UPA government and avoid investigations. The 10-year UPA rule was full of corruption,’ said the BJP national president.

JP said that the growth of NDA in the last four years is crucial. Nadda said. All parties are interested in Modi’s development agenda. Tomorrow we will know which new parties will come.

NDA agenda is to bring everyone together for the growth of the country. It is up to them to decide whether to come along. Central agencies are independent. This is a democratic country. Nadda explained, “The opposition is making threats.”

Content Highlights: jp naddah criticizes oppodition unity and say nda will stay in power

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