JR doesn’t care about covids, goes to bid for work, grabs 4 new projects in the second half of the year, waiting to hear good news pushing the work to grow by leaps and bounds

Mr. Charan Wiwat Jetsadawut Chief Executive Officer of J.R.W. Utilities Public Company Limited (JR) revealed that despite the COVID-19 epidemic situation third wave outbreak But the company continues to participate in the bidding for new works. To increase the amount of work in hand waiting for revenue recognition (Backlog)

Recently received 4 new projects, consisting of 1. Construction of a 22 KV transmission line project from Gulf NC Co., Ltd., worth 95 million baht, 2. Installation of an underground transmission line 115 KV PK4 from Sino-Thai Enchi Co., Ltd. Construction and Construction Public Company Limited, value 10.47 million baht, 3. sim management system maintenance work from National Telecommunications Public Company Limited, value 9.2 million baht, and 4. other communication system installation work Another 17.90 million baht, total value 132.57 million baht.

“After accepting 4 new projects, backlog increased to 5,941 million baht, driving the trend of operating results this year, setting a new record since the establishment of the company. because most of the work gradually delivered this year and resulted in a significant increase in operating results every quarter. compared to the same period last year from moving forward to deliver the work as planned”

Mr. Charan said that in the second half of this year The company still has the opportunity to continually grab new jobs. After participating in the auction in many projects to gradually announce the results in the second half of the year And at the end of this year, there is still a chance to get a big project, the yellow-pink line, phase 2, worth not less than 6 billion baht, which will make the backlog reach 10 billion baht, supporting the performance in the 2nd period. The next 3 years has grown exponentially.

At the same time, the Company has expanded its engineering work to other industries in order to create a new revenue base, such as entering into customers in the oil and gas industry. This is the construction of a substation for the project of Thai Oil Company. The company accepts work from joint ventures Petrofac South East Asia, Saipem Singapore and Samsung Engineering and is confident that it will drive the Group’s business to grow strongly and stably in the future.

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