Juan Bertani to Licona: ‘Marlon, I apologize for all the barbarities said’ – Ten

The goalkeeper of Motagua, Marlon licona, has been in the eye of the hurricane after his tremendous mistake that deprived the blue eagles of qualifying for the Champions from Concacaf 2021 before Real Estelí.

(VIDEO) This was Marlon Licona’s mistake against Real Estelí

The motagüense goalkeeper, who that night replaced the starter Jonathan rougier by decision of the technician Diego Vazquez, He had a game to forget since he was also an accomplice of the first goal of the Nicaraguan team.

After that mistake, Marlon licona has received hundreds of messages, some criticizing the action of the second goal and others encouraging him, and this is the case of Juan Bertani, remembered physical trainer of Motagua Y Real Spain.

The master of physics, who actually coincided with Marlon licona in the eagles, he wrote a letter on his social network Twitter, where he asked forgiveness on behalf of everyone who criticized him for his mistake.

“Sorry? No Marlon, I apologize for all the atrocities said by people who have never stepped on or will never step on a playing field, sorry for those who judge an action and not years of great professionalism; you wear blue in the soul, you have marks on your neck from so many medals you have won “, wrote Juan Bertani, attaching two emoticons.

The Argentine’s comment came after the goalkeeper’s message, where he apologized to the fans, fans, management and technical staff of the Motagua for his gross error against Real Estelí that condemned the club in the playoffs that gave access to the Champions from the region of Concacaf.

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