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National Athletic It still does not find its way in the Colombian League, despite being partially classified in the group of eight, the purslane have not shone in their game and lost in a resounding 3-0 with Millionaires At the end of the game, the coach Juan Carlos Osorio He exalted the ambassador team, the technician Alberto Gamero and he took responsibility for the poor performance of his team.

“Millionaires had a very good example of how to play the contemporary game, of holding the ball, of controlling the game through possession of it, of developing, building and finishing three times, from me to Professor Alberto Gamero , for your team I do an immense recognition, at the moment it is the best team in Colombia, They were immensely superior, they beat us very well, ”said Osorio.

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“We have a lot to improve, in this game I was wrong in the strategy, in the structure of the game and in the selection of the players, so I take the opportunity to offer my apologies to Sebastián Gómez, I was the one who made a mistake, I thought we could play with a defense of three and have a numerical superiority in the middle third and I think that between the captain (Jhon Duque) and (Steven) Vega they dominated the game, they controlled it very well and Macalister Silva influenced the game, in special in the first half ”, explained Osorio.

The coach insisted on assuming the mistakes of his team, who must win two of the three games that remain in the League to confirm their classification at eight. “The total responsibility is mine and I take responsibility. I think that tactically I raised the game wrong, strategically I also failed it and in the group selection. I think the boys tried to do their best, but here I am the wrong one ”.

Regarding the idea of ​​the game, Osorio pointed out that “we were unable to find the free man. It seems to me that we did not have enough patience in the elaboration and the truth was that we were ineffective when it came to finding the free man in the opposite field. I give all the credit to Millonarios, he defended very well and I think he showed us what we are, a team incapable of playing to elaborate the game and to try in long sequences of the same power to elaborate, hence I stood out in principle, Credit to Millionaires, they did very well ”.

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Finally, although he did not talk about deadlines to define his continuity, he again assumed responsibility for this moment of the team and within the group, decisions will be made. “It seems to me that I am here to take responsibility, beyond criticizing my players, I think that within the group we do it and develop or execute what corresponds.”

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
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